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  • croxton


    “Not only is Mary one of my favorite people, but the girl has crazy skills in the kitchen. Her take-no-prisoners approach speaks (and sometimes YELLS) through her food. So you know that what she is serving is not just amazing cuisine, but passion on a plate.”

    Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness

  • mina


    “Mary is an accomplished professional, her knowledge of and enthusiasm for the paleo lifestyle is bar none. Working on the paleo dinner with Mary at RN74 was an inspiring experience. It’s refreshing to see how creative one can be in the meal-planning process for a diet that can be misperceived as limiting.”

    Chef Michael Mina, Award-Winning American Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur, and Cookbook Author.

  • ferris


    “Mary can cook like a pro, adapt recipes like a magician, and curse like a sailor. What more could you ask for?”

    Tim Ferriss, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 4-Hour Body, The 4-Hour Chef

  • howes


    “When it comes to what I put in my mouth, I think, ‘What would Mary do?’ Then I eat according to that. Without a doubt, she knows her stuff!”

    Lewis Howes, Olympic Hopeful and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

  • HannahBrencher_290


    “Mary is, by far, the most down-to-earth voice in the paleo industry today. She’s just too good of a coach not to follow in her direction.”
    Hannah Brencher, Creator of TED Speaker.

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Relax, I'm hilarious.

Hi, I'm Mary - Private Chef & Lifestyle Coach. Long story short, I  used to be sick and now I'm thriving after healing myself through food and lifestyle changes. I used to dominate the corporate hustle and now I'm bringing paleo (paleYOU) and #eatplaycrush mainstream. That's my mission, to clear the proverbial air around eating paleo and make it simply about eating real food and enjoying the good life. Scratch that, it's about living a GREAT life. One where your health, outlook and performance are all functioning at their highest levels.

My clients include Professional Athletes, Best Selling Authors, Celebrity Chefs, Reality Show Stars and High Powered Executives. They all have one thing in common, well two things, a commitment to self improvement and PALEO.

If you stumbled upon my site accidentally, know there are no such thing as accidents. I'm about to change your life. Well, YOU are about to change your life - I'm just along for the fun.

The recipe is simple: Eat Clean. Play Often. Crush Life.

For my long story, click here.

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