As Seen On Instagram: A Paleo Friendly Tim Tam

Are you ready for this? How to make your very own paleo-friendly Tim Tam. First, what the heck is a Tim Tam? It is an Australian biscuit (that’s what they call their dunkable cookies) composed of two layers of cookie, separated by a chocolate cream filling, and then coated with a layer of textured chocolate.

I mean, come on! #cookiegasm

Back during my corporate hustle, a client of mine would ship me these from Australia quarterly. Basically the best client ever on earth. My colleagues became privy to this shipment and would try to intercept them first to get their grubby hands on them. Do NOT mess with a girl’s bacon, scotch or Tim Tams. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Now, several years in paleo, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a treat. While munching on Yucan Crunch, my eyes went bright and I RAN to the kitchen when I realized I could make Tim Tam like biscuits with products from our paleo friends that I already had in the kitchen.

And so, I share with you my #treatday favorites. I don’t do cheat days, all my treats happen in paleo-friendly form on Friday or Sat.

What you’ll need:

Mission Heirloom’s Yucan Crunch  bite reg
The Lovebean Fudge
Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
Wax Paper
Your Freezer

What to do: 

1. Pick out two good sized Yucan Crunch pieces
2. Layer on Chocolate Hazelnut Butter between the two
3. Lay it on the wax paper, spread Love Bean on the top side
4. Place in freezer for 3-5 min, just long enough for it to shell over
5. Remove from the freezer, do the other side.
6. Place back in the freezer, 3-5 min
7. Take a slow bite, tear up, see God.

If you dare to make more than one, store them in the freezer so the Love Bean doesn’t melt. I prefer this treat right out of the freezer and let it all melt in my mouf! Tips: Make sure your Hazelnut Butter is crunchy or thick in consistency. You could get Justin’s brand, but I made my own. On the other two products, you COULD make your own, but why on earth when those two bad ass brands have brought paleo passion and convenience to life for us?

Stay tuned for more Yucan Crunch ideas. I’ve gone through 6 bags in the last 2 weeks from savory curry crisps to honey strawberry tarts to pesto bites.

Thank you, Yrmis for this permission to crunch again!

Trust your gut,

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