From Killing Myself To Forgiving Myself: How I Learned To Meditate (Pt 2)

This is Pt 2 of “How I Learned To Meditate” – Check out my Gateway Into Meditation post to read about the recorded journaling I began doing to find personal focus points.

The below “How To” meditation guide (along with 5 thought provoking mantras) will be found in my Eat Play Crush Handbook.

Being a bit restless about the release date, I wanted to share this now as it has proven useful to my beta readers.

They got the whole shebang, including the 5 days of Eating (Paleo+), Playing (Tabata), and Crushing (Mindset to Mastery). I am VERY pumped by the application and HUMBLED by feedback of it all.

It’s the small adjustments that can truly create profound shift.

I’ll be updating social media regularly about the release of the EPC Handbook (it’s in design right now) but your best bet to not miss out on those deets is to sign up to receive my emails.

Without further typing, here is a helpful Meditation Guide.

Best Time To Meditate:

Anytime that works for you, and best to keep it the same time very day.

I recommend first thing in the morning, right after a large glass of water and before you touch any piece of technology. This sets the tone for the whole day and is naturally a quiet, almost magical part of the the day.

Don’t be shy to meditate more than once a day too. Personally I partake in double days of meditation.

Best Location To Meditate:

Choose a place that you won’t be interrupted, distracted and feel comfortable being vulnerable to perhaps speak out loud to yourself.

Try to use the same place daily and make it your turf, try filling it with candles, incense or photos of things you find beautiful or meaningful.

Best Position To Meditate:

Sit with your back against a wall to start for comfort, or a chair dedicated for this purpose. If this is too uncomfortable you can also lay on your back.

How To Meditate:

Before you even sit down to meditate, warm up your body with some light stretching. Extend your arms above your head, reach down for your toes, take a big deep breath and seat yourself.

When you’re ready, begin by taking long 5-second breaths in and long 5-second inhales out. Really pay attention to the pace of your breath, don’t try to control the pace as it will naturally settle into a rhythm.This practice tells your brain “alls good” and naturally relaxes your body, you should feel your shoulders drop, and your muscles soften.

Eyes closed or open, do what feels good.

Music is also something to consider if the quiet is too loud in the beginning. Choose something rhythmic, I prefer the sounds of a solo instrument to go with the waterfall sounds that are outside my window.

Set Your Intention:

Have a clear picture of what the result of this meditation will be for you. Why have you chosen to do it? The clearer your focus and intention, the more power behind the meditation.

You get what you project, so project the result.

As you become more comfortable, getting into this state will become second nature and be carried with you throughout your day.

Keep in mind, you can set an intention for your meditation or simply practice your breaths.

Anytime you feel your body go tense or your thoughts begin to wander, just go back to listening to your breath as a reset.

Commit To Meditation:

Commit to meditating for a specific amount of time to get the maximum benefit. Keep in mind that 5 minutes a day is far more effective than 30 minutes once a week.

If you skip a day, just get back on the wagon the next day.

Gamifying Meditation:

Some might argue that this defeats the purpose BUT thinking about these things might just keep you committed in the beginning.

5 minutes of meditation – improves blood circulation and heart rate
15 minutes of meditation – regulates your nerves
20 minutes of meditation – balances your flow and coordinates your mind with your body
60 minutes of meditation – changes gray matter of the brain, you’re becoming superhuman
2 hours – you’ve sold all your belongings and moved to Nepal

So that last one isn’t necessarily true but I haven’t done a 2 hour sesh so who knows. I’ll post a ‘mindful’ Instagram photo from Nepal if it happens.

Trust your gut,


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