RECIPE: Phat Fudge, Finally!

You asked for it, I turned it into a product:


So I write this ebook for you guys and here I am being VERY technologically challenged. I couldn’t feel any sillier as I wait for help to come – I tried to do a hack job last night and kept coming up short (code). Get it? #notactuallyfunny

A lot of you signed up for my newsletter AFTER I sent this recipe out and some of you didn’t sign up in time for the SECOND email I sent out. #slackers

So here you go below, with a preface or two:

Number 1:¬†There are many versions of Phat Fudge I make for clients based on their particular functional need. I chose to share the #UnicornFuel version of this recipe with you because I learned that the original #UnicornFuel coffee recipe was nominated as “Best Coffee Hack” of Paleo Magazine’s “Best Of 2014”.


Pretty cool, right?

Fun and Functional go together in my life and you guys RAN with my recipe on social media.

I mean, some of you even conjured wild Unicorns!


Thank you all very much for the nomination and votes. I wonder if we won. (Yes, WE. This is a team!)

Number 2: Back to the ebook, I want to thank you SO freaking much from the bottom of my gut for asking me to create this product for you. It was a collaborative effort with Beta Readers to make sure I only included what you needed to ‘try on’ #eatplaycrush. The 5-Day plan includes Functional Meals, Guided Meditation, Movement (HIIT Training), Journaling and More!

I think my favorite piece of feedback so far was this:“Mary, I devoured the ebook! Good freaking stuff! Got my “HFF” tattoo booked. (small of back?)”¬†

That was from a Dude, btw!

Hilarious, but sorry, someone already beat you to laying down some ink:
EricaLynn William’s #eatplaycrush tattoo after losing 100 lbs using between zero and zero excuses!

EricaLynn William’s #eatplaycrush tattoo after losing 100 lbs using between zero and zero excuses!

Help comes for me and my ebook (and the TANK TOPS) on Friday so Thank You in advance for your patience. If you want to be sure you’re notified when it’s all available make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

NUMBER 3: #UNICORN PHAT FUDGE RECIPE!!!!!! *said in an Oprah voice*

Finally, Mary. Sheesh! #windedstoryteller What is Phat Fudge exactly? Well, it’s my “GU” replacement. Whether starting my morning with a cube for wicked focus or taking it with me on the tennis court, I cannot live with my Functional Fudge.¬†

Instant and sustained energy, memory and focus, anti-inflammatory, sugar control and a natural thermogenic, each of these ingredients are deliberate. A serving is about 2 tbsp (1 ounce) and soon will be available for sale in squeeze packs, with a slightly modified recipe to up the performance/endurance aide. ¬†Stay tuned for that but in the meantime, here’s how you can make it yourself!¬†

What You’ll Need¬†
sauce pan

1 cup tahini (I use this kind)
1 cup grass fed butter or ghee
1/4 cup cacao
1 tbsp turmeric
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tbsp maca
1/2 tbsp honey
1 tsp vanilla
1/8 tsp cayenne

What To Do: 
In a sauce pan, melt butter/ghee and whisk in tahini followed by the honey until it’s all well mixed.¬†
Add the rest of the ingredients¬†in no particular order and continue to whisk until you’ve got what I am now calling¬†Unicorn Chocolate Sauce.¬†
Carefully pour into the ice tray BUT purposely leave a spoon or two for your enjoyment now. #whywait

Place the tray in your freezer and practice patience, perhaps even meditate. *wink*

It only take a couple of hours to set.¬†It’s only a couple of hours, hold your Unicorn!¬†

You can keep them in the tray and just pop them out when you’re ready to enjoy.

***You must keep them stored in the freezer or refrigerator to keep shape***

Many of my clients will pop one first thing in the morning. Seriously, it’s everything you need to start your day IN FUDGE FORM!! #yourewelcome

Additional Notes: 
  • I made these to be functional treats, eating the whole tray isn’t¬†totally¬†advisable unless you leave out the maca because I’m not responsible for Unicorn Babies.¬†Pssst, maca is known to enhance libido.¬†
  • In this recipe, I left out coffee for those who don’t drink it. If you do want to add it in, I advise 1 tablespoon of fresh coffee grounds. The flavor and texture is¬†BOMB.¬†
  • When preparing these for myself, I also add 1 tablespoon of gelatin.¬†
  • And finally, GET CREATIVE! Using the tahini/butter base you can go MANY different directions with Phat Fudge.¬†
Do me a favor, if you guys make these be sure to hashtag #phatfudge and #eatplaycrush so I we can keep the street cred growing.


Trust your gut,
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  1. Han

    Argh. Sold out… Eagerly awaiting more. Came over via bulletproof apology link. Fudge looks amazing.

  2. \\Maaz//

    Do you use vanilla extract or pure vanilla?

  3. Jimbo-slice

    Hi, Im thinking of making these to take on a backpacking trip, and was going to use these for my energy bars. How would you recommend storing them to be carried in my pack for a few days? If that is even possible?

    Thanks for your help!


    • Mary

      You’ll have to get creative. Before I started hand packing and selling it as a product at, I found that many readers were packing it in sandwich bags for their travels. Not pretty and risky with the seal, but that’s what they did.

  4. I just finished making your phat fudge recipe listed here (literally just licked the spoon and put in freezer). Couple of questions (now that i already made it, DOH!)

    – Salted or Unsalted Kerrygold gf butter? (seems like i saw an IG post of yours with a cart full of salted, i used unsalted like i do in my bulletproof coffee)
    – Sea Salt? Your phat fudge pre-order page includes sea salt as an ingredient, but it is not listed in this recipe above. How much per batch?

    Gracias for ANY reply. I know you are busy #eatplaycrushing…
    Lee @tencentguitar on IG

    • Mary

      Hi Lee. The recipe here is different than the final formula for the packaged version of Phat Fudge. You’ll notice there is coffee added too. That formula, I am not sharing publicly. You can use salted or unsalted, it’s a personal preference thing when you’re making it at home.

      • Mary, thank you for the reply! You mentioned coffee (and gelatin) in your additional notes. I don’t blame you for keeping the secret formula under wraps, Mr. Krabs style! Good luck in all you do, and thanks for sharing this recipe with us.

  5. Tee

    Love your site Mary,
    I’m ordering some of your phat fudge and can’t wait for them to be delivered. Which gelatin do you use, green or red can?
    Thank you.

  6. Selina

    Wow this looks like dynamite! Straight to the shop NOW for engredients! One little question, what can I use instead of butter (or ghee), my family loves it but I really detest the taste of it.

  7. I heard you on Abel’s podcast last week, and made this phat fudge recipe yesterday, replacing the honey with confectioner’s Swerve and some liquid Stevia. My husband loves them. It was good, but I wanted to fiddle with your recipe and see what else I could come up with.

    Instead of tahini, I used coconut butter. I left out the spices, used 1/2 cup cocoa powder, then added chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut extracts and dropped a few cacao nibs on top of each piece for what has to be the best fat bomb recipe I’ve ever had.

    Thank you!!!

  8. Adam

    Mine came out black. Has that happened to anyone else? I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I used the right amount of cocoa powder. My measuring cups are worn so I used the smallest one, but it might be 1/3 and the 1/4 loose in my kitchen. I also put coffee in.

    • Kriscarter

      Did you use dark chocolate cocoa powder by chance? The recipe calls for cacao powder (which is different). How about your coffee? How much did you end up putting in?

      • Mary

        I used cacao powder, like the recipe calls for it. The coffee amounts and type are up to you and your preference. The kind and amounts I use for at home varies and the amount in the product I sell at is under lock and key. =)

  9. Curtis G

    Hi, Mary! I just heard you on the Fat Burning Man podcast and had to check out Phat Fudge. After a quick trip to Whole Foods to get the main ingredients, I whipped up a batch. I feared I didn’t do it right because I was half expecting sugary Christmas fudge. After my tastebuds adjusted, I found that it was pretty amazing. Can’t wait to give it a test drive in the morning. Thanks!

  10. Ericka W

    HI, I am wondering if this would be ok for children. My daughter is 7 and struggles with migraines on a consistent basis. She is very active in sports and lives life to the fullest but there are times that her headache knocks her down. I would like to add additional fat to her diet. We live a Paleo lifestyle with the exception of a few treats….she is also a kid and want her to live it to the fullest….but I am rethinking it and looking to add more fat (fun treats) and really focusing on cutting out even the littlest gluten items that she gets.
    Thank you,

  11. Emily

    Wow, this is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. Just threw my first ever batch in the freezer. I used cacao nibs and it turns out those don’t really melt. The texture is going to be … Interesting to say the least.
    I heard about you on the Fat Burning Man podcast and was so excited to hear you say you used enterolabs for your “self-diagnosing.” I ALSO used them 6 years ago and also got results for gluten, casein and soy. The way I feel when I stick to eating free of those is amazing, Paleo is a great path for me to find! Now I’m trying the high fat thing and it’s like my head comes through the clouds.
    Thanks for being such a great resource for kicking ass and sticking to this diet. Can’t wait to explore more of your recipes.

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