Rant: Start Raging

This doesn’t speak to me at all. ??? Women should rage more often. Rage not being negative.

I’m telling you, a good bag-punching, gun-shooting, floor-wrestling or even an intense serve-to-the-net-volley-crosscourt-and-growl session is our given right to release some primal sexiness.

Then slip into your red dress and high heels.
Or is it just me?

I’m ok if it’s just me.

But I don’t think it’s just me.

We all have our own version of raging, so don’t take my lead. I’m nuts. ?

And with that, I’m currently pissed and going to go run it off. I suppose I could use the ‘enlightened’ version and say ‘I’m triggered’ but why sugarcoat when you’re feeling spicy? ?? Oh. And yes, you can be angry and still be charming with a sense of humor. ? #eatplaycrush

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