Rant: Effort is Attractive

I’m going to keep bringing this rant back on a regular rotation. Some will unfollow. Some will nod their head in agreement. Some will hold themselves accountable and recalibrate. Trust, I’ve got a person or two in my life to bitch slap me too when needed. And so, #repost from myself. ?

Humans, you’re so silly.

You want to get fit, but only if it takes 7 days to see results. You want eat healthy but only if it tastes like junk food. You want products with the highest quality ingredients but only if it costs pennies. You’ll complain about meal services/personal chefs/private chefs being too expensive but then also exclaim that you can’t cook for yourself due to time or desire. You want to start your own business but only if it takes 4 hours a week. You’ll beat your chest to raise money but you won’t spend any time in trenches of making money.

You’ll say it’s easier for other people. You’ll assume they don’t have any struggles. You’ll throw your hands up in the air and conclude that everything is in the way of you and your own goals. The worst part, you’ll concede to stay the same would-be, could-be, wisher, wanter, complainer.

Be honest, do you put in the effort it takes? Do you even try? Like, really try? AND, did you know that it’s rarely ever too late to wise up and get your shit together?

Look, you may bitch about the process if you must, it’s hard, but only if you’re also respecting it. You’ll soon find that in respecting the process and putting in effort, you’ll in turn bitch less and do more.

Effort is attractive. It attracts results, duh.

This morning’s rant brought to you by noise. I took it, put a beat on it, and spit out some truth. Not really, though. I’m awful at rapping. Pretty good at ranting when necessary. ?

Alright guys, keep your intentions in check and crush your day. ✌?️ #eatplaycrush

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