Rant: Honor Those Growing Pains

A series of smaller events are on schedule this week, each to be checked off day by day, to ensure a successful manufacturing run of the next 4,000+ lbs of Phat Fudge.

To expect all of it to run perfectly smooth would be naive. But, more importantly for me to write here, is that to COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PROCESS WOULD BE ROOKIE SHIT.

I tend to disregard the sentiment that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and replace it with leaning on the weaker links of anything, testing its resolve and breaking it on purpose. Then, I roll up my sleeves and replace it with something stronger, more efficient, & longer lasting.

That means that I spend a fair amount of time within some sort of chaos, playing in that space between good enough and well oiled machine. I play in the upside MOST of the time.

Upside is WORK. Upside is problem after problem. Upside is the opportunity, the endless opportunity, to keep improving, both the THING and yourself.

And what a fucking HONOR to have growing pains.

I check out of convos filled with complaints about the struggle, the risks, the but, but, buts that aren’t followed up with the what, what, what are you going to DO about it.

I want to yell, SO F’N WHAT? Welcome to the BIG LEAGUES where you’ll spend MOST of your time fixing/improving shit because you decided you want to build/grow something.

Think bigger as you read this, I’m not saying you’re not allowed to bitch, I’m saying you’re not allowed to bitch and leave it there. AND, I’m saying choose wisely to whom you bitch; there are those who will see that as an oppty to bitch w/you and wallow in the struggle. OR, there are those who will give you space throw your cards on the table, drop a couple Oh, Shits! in there, and help you rewrite the narrative.

My point: If you keep yourself low with the weight of complaints about the struggle, you don’t deserve the next level shit. You think @TheRock complains about what it takes to reinvent the game?

No really, I’m asking. I don’t know the Dude…yet. But, I’m going to assume HELL NO, HE DOESN’T.

Now I’m done. Love to @makeupbynikkilarose for making me look so sweet in this photo you wouldn’t think an assertive caption was under it. ?

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