Not Cream Cheese Spread

🎶 Yesterday it was Electric Light Orchestra, this morning it’s Reggae (Slightly Stoopid as I type). And THIS beauty.
Layers: dairy-free garlic/cashew/broccoli spread, made with nutritional yeast. like cream cheese, but let’s be real, not even close to cream cheese, still delicious tho. baked bacon. ghee-fried egg. green onions. cilantro. homemade chipotle-lime sauce. all between a ghee toasted grain-free @barelybread onion-garlic-sea salt bagel.
I already hear yum-grunts so we’ll call it a winner. My own breakfast was simply a packet of @phatfudge blended in coffee, 2 eggs, and jicama in that garlic/cashew/broccoli spread. It’s a modified/custom spread when I’m cooking. What you need? I got you. #eatplaycrush

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