Your Best Morning Routine

ṣabā il kẖayr (good morning) 😘 In the mug, #UnicornFuel + @FourSigmatic Viking Blend. Chilling to 311 Radio. Easing into Monday, spinning some self limiting thoughts into powerfully-positive self talk. Optimism takes practice. It takes feeling the crap, too. Without my negativity, I wouldn’t be such a devout optimist. 🤔
Yooooo. Woke up this morning, that was rad.
Recipe for #UnicornFuel (the OG Unicorn Coffee Craze) on my website. Or, you can blend @phatfudge into your mug. @FourSigmatic blends, I have a few I live by depending on what I need that day. Before this coffee sesh, I started the day with Apple Cider Vinegar + Black Seed Oil + Water. No ketones today. A morning routine should be consistent but not so rigid that you don’t listen to your own body’s needs.
Your body is smarter than you if you quit the crap and honor it. ✌🏽#eatplaycrush

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