• RECIPE: Wild Thing Bone Broth Recipe

    “Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.” Ludwig Van Beethoven This broth will make your heart sing. This broth will make everything groovy. Wild thing, this broth loves you. There are MANY bone broth recipes out there that don’t include some of the “wild things” I am sharing in this recipe below and you are more than welcome to take a look and think “Ah, heck no!”…

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  • RECIPE: Phat Fudge, Finally!

    You asked for it, I turned it into a product: CLICK HERE BUY (UPGRADED) PHAT FUDGE SQUEEZE PACKS HERE.  So I write this ebook for you guys and here I am being VERY technologically challenged. I couldn’t feel any sillier as I wait for help to come – I tried to do a hack job last night and kept coming up short (code). Get it? #notactuallyfunny A lot of you signed…

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  • From Killing Myself To Forgiving Myself: How I Learned To Meditate (Pt 2)

    This is Pt 2 of “How I Learned To Meditate” – Check out my Gateway Into Meditation post to read about the recorded journaling I began doing to find personal focus points. The below “How To” meditation guide (along with 5 thought provoking mantras) will be found in my Eat Play Crush Handbook. Being a bit restless about the release date, I wanted to share this now as it has proven…

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  • Hey, Ya! Mulukhiyah (Soup)

    Ever have one of THOSE days? *sighs* Yeah, me too. I might be having one of them as I type this and by might, I mean I am. Sometimes, instead of powering through it all, when life seems to be happening in stereo but with all the wrong songs, I turn to the comfort of my youth. One of those comforts being this classic Egyptian dish, dating back to my…

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  • Ma, The Glutens Got Me! My 3-Day “Glutening” Disaster Plan

    Here’s the deal, unless you prepare 100% of your meals, a gluten or two may end up in your digestive tract. If you are a celiac like me, this is disaster pants x10. I’m talking: – Migraine Headaches – Swollen Hands & Feet – Gluten Baby Bump – Rash and Skin Inflammation – Painful Joints – Fatigue, and that heaviness in your brain – Oh, and actual disaster pants This…

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  • As Seen On Instagram: A Paleo Friendly Tim Tam

    Are you ready for this? How to make your very own paleo-friendly Tim Tam. First, what the heck is a Tim Tam? It is an Australian biscuit (that’s what they call their dunkable cookies) composed of two layers of cookie, separated by a chocolate cream filling, and then coated with a layer of textured chocolate. I mean, come on! #cookiegasm Back during my corporate hustle, a client of mine would…

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  • From Killing Myself To Forgiving Myself: How I Learned To Meditate (Pt 1)

    In December, I began toying with a new practice that has dramatically shifted my need to be “perfect” to being good instead; feeling more content, dancing in self-gratitude, drowning out noise and doing more passionate work because of it. This new practice has forced me to really face myself in an imperfect light and be human. To be kinder and more compassionate – to others and to myself. This new…

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  • Why Can’t You Make Up Your Mind?

    Back in May,  I wrote a post about indecision and respecting the process of decision-making. A few months later and I am still receiving emails thanking me for granting permission to hakuna your tatas and letting things naturally choose themselves. But here’s the thing, there’s more to just “letting things happen” – it also takes readiness. And how do we get ready? BY DOING THE WORK. We worry so much…

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  • Raspberry Chiffon Pie

    As seen on instagram whilst I was in Martha’s Vineyard over the 4th of July for a client. That week was filled with so much fun, love, WORK, a hurricane, babies, yacht clubs, FOOD, fireworks, men named Topher and more FUN. Just a regular ol’ day in my life. Never lacking adventure! But seriously, lot’s of Tophers on MV. My client’s father requested Raspberry Chiffon for dessert.  Secret: I had never…

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  • Has Deodorant Been C-Blocking Women From True Love?

    Since giving up store bought deodorant and making my own I’ve noticed an increase in date/courting requests from suitors of the opposite sex. Has Sure and Suave been chemically c-blocking women this whole time!? *facepalm*   I posted this observation (disclaimer: not based on any of my own scientific research) to Facebook and paid a little more attention to measurements today. I make this in very small batches since I…

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