• RECIPE: Japanese Style Chicken Meatballs – Pork Belly & Cherry Cucumber Noodle Salad

        The other day, I asked you guys what protein you’d like me to create into a recipe. You guys came in strong with the favorites of bison and lamb, but then came a little throw-down from Diane of BalancedBites. A challenge to make something great? Challenge accepted! #duh And, BOOM below… The meatball portion of this plate is reminiscent of the center of those dumplings you’d ordered when dining out in…

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  • On The Menu: A Paleo Chef’s Journey

    If we are meeting for the first time, let me begin by saying I am truly humbled that you follow my comings (cooking) and goings (antics) through your social media platform of choice. Did that sound geeky? It should, I was a tech nerd in a previous lifetime. It’s relevant, I promise. If you read my backstory [read my backstory here] you know that I was going about life pretty…

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  • Paleo Bullies Not Welcome

    Let he who has the perfect paleo diet cast the first stone…  *crickets * That’s what I thought.  Now that we have that out of the way can we all stop picking on members of our own primal, Paleo and clean-eating communities and focus this negative energy on the real enemy: Vegans? Just kidding. Not really though – those vegans are such Judgey Judies… and aliens, based on my observation…

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  • RECIPE: Middle Eastern Shepherd’s Pie

    So you say you want my recipes? You want cook what I make my clients in your own home? Here’s the sitch, I am a Personal Paleo Chef. Dare I even say, the OG (Personal) Paleo Chef. That means two things, I am not a food blogger and I am not a food blogger. *raisesbrow*  In all seriousness, what that really means is that I don’t use recipes (read as:…

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  • I Bought 5 Copies Of Man 2.0: Engineering The Alpha

    It’s no shock that I am going to be drawn to a book that includes the word “Alpha” in the title. I’ve had Man 2.0: Engineering The Alpha in my hands for about 2 weeks and I have read it twice. This review is tardy and I’ve avoided all other reviews/podcasts for the purpose of making sure what I write is pure.  It was important for me to be able…

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  • Femininity Defined: 5 Signs You’re An Alpha Female

    I’ve battled with what’s “feminine” since I was in the 2nd grade. Being told that my courage to speak up wasn’t ladylike. Fast foreword to my early start in Corporate America, being told, while crushing (yes, crushing) my numbers that I should soften up and work on being more feminine. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, work on being more feminine? More feminine for whom? What does that…

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  • RECIPE: Egyptian Preserved Lemons

    A confession about this recipe, I hated pickled lemons as a kid. They looked weird and smelled even stranger to me. You want me to eat the whole lemon?? Rind included? That’s just weird. This coming from a kid who loved liver, btw. Notice, I didn’t mention much about their taste.  That’s because I was such an ass about it that I refused to even try them. In hindsight, was…

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