• You Own Your Vibe

    True that. No matter the amount of noise, they can’t steal your vibe. Only you can rob yourself of that and why on earth would you ever do that. _ Street reminder spotted on the way to @sinnersandsaints with a crew of devilishly handsome men. It’s not awful walking around with @iamtero, @maxlugavere, and @alignpodcast. 😉 #eatplaycrush

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  • Trust Your Destruction

    Trusting the process. Did you know that a caterpillar, inside the cocoon, secretes an enzyme (caspases) that completely destroys itself? If you were to open a cocoon too soon, all you would find is a scoop of goop, probably something had gone wrong. 🤔 _ That goop is wildly fascinating. The way I translate it in the hippy half of my brain is the destruction of ‘what was’ while what…

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  • Level up Legend

    Steer clear from anything/one that makes you play like a rookie when you’re really a champion. It’s not on you to play it down. Besides, it’s good for the goose and the gander when we all level up. _ Did I use that idiom correctly? I always need help with idioms. I once thought it was “the hippopotamus in the room” thanks to a random episode of a tv show…

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  • Your Best Morning Routine

    ṣabā il kẖayr (good morning) 😘 In the mug, #UnicornFuel + @FourSigmatic Viking Blend. Chilling to 311 Radio. Easing into Monday, spinning some self limiting thoughts into powerfully-positive self talk. Optimism takes practice. It takes feeling the crap, too. Without my negativity, I wouldn’t be such a devout optimist. 🤔 _ Yooooo. Woke up this morning, that was rad. _ Recipe for #UnicornFuel (the OG Unicorn Coffee Craze) on my…

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  • Not Superfoods

    Art. The spices of @phatfudge. 🎨 _ I need this blown up for a wall print. I’ll call it “not superfoods” 😉 _ For real, though. I love this picture. Humbled and honored and motivated to grow my lil’ biz as far as it’ll make me happy. _ Note: I didn’t say as far as I can take it. You must choose those challenges you want to take on wisely,…

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  • Unconventional Business Advice

    My path may not be paved in gold but my attitude is platinum. Trust me, I’m an internet stranger. 🤔 _ @phatfudge blending is rocking and rolling at the blending facility. I’m over here recipe developing for a client listening to some 90s Janet Jackson. Music, I love you. _ In a couple of recent DMs I’ve been asked about what podcasts I listen to and the answer is not…

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  • The best movies you haven’t seen…

    Money Pit. Bull Durham. Grandma’s Boy. What About Bob. Serendipity. It’s real. Please don’t break my heart. 😢 rp via @cappellos

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  • The Reality of Planning

    *cue Indiana Jones theme music* 🙆🏽

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  • How To Release Your Past

    What are you tolerating that drains you? I certainly can’t recommend these life subtractions for everyone, but for some, I can’t recommend them enough. It’s ok to move forward while allowing some things to move on. You accumulate a lot over your adult years but it doesn’t mean you have to carry all of it with you. My Mom taught me that no one is capable of taking care of…

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  • Your Attitude Runs Your Business

    Another day, another “you can’t” proven incorrect in expanding @phatfudge. My path may not be paved in gold but my attitude is platinum. That’s the secret (or at least my secret) to creating exceptions when breaking away from standard process. _ Attitude is certainly the sauce that gets me through heavy periods of time when I still have a business to run while life events weigh heavy on me. _…

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