• From Killing Myself To Forgiving Myself: How I Learned To Meditate (Pt 1)

    In December, I began toying with a new practice that has dramatically shifted my need to be “perfect” to being good instead; feeling more content, dancing in self-gratitude, drowning out noise and doing more passionate work because of it. This new practice has forced me to really face myself in an imperfect light and be human. To be kinder and more compassionate – to others and to myself. This new…

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  • Why Can’t You Make Up Your Mind?

    Back in May,  I wrote a post about indecision and respecting the process of decision-making. A few months later and I am still receiving emails thanking me for granting permission to hakuna your tatas and letting things naturally choose themselves. But here’s the thing, there’s more to just “letting things happen” – it also takes readiness. And how do we get ready? BY DOING THE WORK. We worry so much…

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  • Respect Your Indecision: How I Used Magic To Reduce My Stress

    For the last 6 months I’ve been perpetually behind on my work and I couldn’t be any LESS stressed about it. I’m calling it magic. You can call it a conscience shift in perspective but I really think you SHOULD call it magic. Rather than assert myself forward, I’ve embraced indifference and indecision when I can’t seem to complete or even start a what-would-be important project. This is quite the…

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  • The #1 Reason Why You Won’t Get Shit Done Today

    The #1 Reason Why You Won’t Get Shit Done Today Is Because… YOU CLICK ON LINK BAIT LIKE THIS ALL DAY LONG!  5 Ways To Blank. 10 Reasons You Blah. 30 Ways To Make You Gah! Stop. That. Stop That Right Meow!  And by “work” I mean, get back to CRUSHING LIFE! That is all. Carry on. #eatplaycrush link·bait ˈliNGkˌbāt/ noun noun: link bait (on a website) content designed to attract…

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  • Does Your Thyroid Hate You?

    A few weeks back you may have seen via social media that I was at casa de Underground Wellness in San Diego shooting a cooking segment for The Thyroid Sessions  that launches May 4th. When Sean asked me to be one of the two food demonstrations I was pumped! Rather than just throwing together a favorite dish, I gave a lot of thought to my personal experience with the topic and took a moment to…

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  • Play, Anxiety & The Princess Bride – A Book Review

    I was going to write an email about hustle (goal attaining) this week, but when I woke up yesterday I was hit with a wave of anxiety. After about an hour of forcing it and exasperating that false sense of urgency, I decided to walk away for the day. Instead of squeezing blood out of a turnip, I went to the beach and spent the day at my local watering hole…

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  • Monday Perspective

    Happy Monday! Was that annoying? It used to annoy the crap out of me too, until one day I decided to flip the script one Monday back in my corporate hustle days. The previous week was the absolute WORST and it carried over into my weekend. I’m talking lost contracts, asshole managers, “gunna leave a turd in my cube-mate’s desk” kind of worst. And then there was my personal life.…

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  • Moderation Is The Bane Of Your Awesome

    Client: Moderation is key! Me: Right, because you are working towards becoming ‘moderately happy and healthy’. Makes sense. Client: No, that’s not what I meant. Me: Right. Moderation is circumstantial, and frankly, abused as a an excuse before you even begin. Why would you do that, allow for an ounce of ‘fall off the wagon’ before you even start? C’mon, commit. No, I am not abolishing your cheat day or…

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  • 5 Ways To Stay Paleo At Work

    Unless you’re truly a caveman who makes their paycheck by starring in Geico commercials, chances are you work in an office.  As you read this post you are likely hunched over your desk, shoulders forward, and eyes squinting at the computer screen. Am I right?  Yeah, figured as much. *wink* Let me venture further, and guess that the company sponsored team lunch today was full of gluten, soy, dairy and…

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  • Vulnerability, You’re Doing It Wrong

    You might be familiar with Brené Brown’s: The power of vulnerability TEDx Talk. Her talk was accurate, honest and vulnerable. She applied action and utility to her own version of vulnerability and made something extraordinary out of it. The issue I take up with people I engage in conversation about her presentation is that they get to the state of being vulnerable and stop there, somewhere between being almost completely honest with themselves and…

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