• RECIPE: That Time I Made “Hunter’s Pie” For Tim Ferriss

    This was probably the coolest day of my 2013; being asked if I could prepare Caribou that was hunted for the book 4 Hour Chef, which is technically the first ‘cookbook’ I’ve ever purchased. Naturally my response was “Duh”. Digging through a freezer of 100s of lbs of game, I found ground Caribou and decided to go with a twist on my wildly popular Shepherd’s Pie with what Tim had available…

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  • RECIPE: Unicorn Fuel Recipe

    The best part of waking up is actually waking up, duh. This was created for a client that just couldn’t get into BP no matter how much I pitched its benefits. They just loved their frothy mocha time in the morning and that was that. Fair, you like what you like. I get it, I am the same way with my men, I mean, coffee too. The first time I…

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  • RECIPE: Freddy’s BBQ Joint Ribs (House Of Cards)

    By now most of you should have binged your way through watching House Of Cards. Are you feeling a little dirty too? I think I need therapy to process it all. That ONE scene towards the last couple of episodes that threw us ALL for a loop. You know which one I’m talking about! You were probably thinking, WHAT? No! Really? I don’t understand! But hey, Frank slept well that night.…

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  • RECIPE: Morning Maca Sausage Muffins

    Described as “Bizarrely Delicious”, all of my clients have these on their weekly must have list. My Breakfast Sausage Muffins are so popular that I chose to make them as part of my Real Food Con Video Segment that comes out in just 2 short weeks! They are also wicked easy to make and perfect for planning ahead as you can make a full tin on Sunday for a quick…

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  • Eggplant Lasagna Stack

    This is one of my favorite dishes to make (and eat) – generally I prepare it as a large casserole but I was inspired by Nom Nom Paleo’s presentation in her book Food For Humans by stacking it when I prepared it last week for a client. After posting it to Instagram, a ton of you asked for my recipe, including one of my Olympic crushes so naturally I had to write this recipe out.…

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  • RECIPE: Cashew Chicken Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Peppers

    You can thank Tonja (Flame to Fork) for my quick write up of this recipe. I now understand my Mother & Grandmother’s shorthand process of sharing their “recipes”. Touchdown Jalapeño Poppers! Ingredients:      20 jalapeños 1 cup soaked cashews 8 oz boneless skinless chicken thighs 1 to 2 pounds of bacon s&p to taste Instructions:  Preheat oven to 375 degrees In a pot, boil chicken thighs until cooked While…

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  • RECIPE: Just Another Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    How many pumpkin pie recipes does this world need? Roughly 400 of you asked for my version last week, so here it is, sort of. There are a couple of ‘secret’ ingredients I left out because a magician cannot reveal all his or her tricks.  Maybe next year. Or maybe just next month as a Christmas present. Or maybe NEVER – I wonder when my Grandmother started hoarding her best…

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  • RECIPE: Japanese Style Chicken Meatballs – Pork Belly & Cherry Cucumber Noodle Salad

        The other day, I asked you guys what protein you’d like me to create into a recipe. You guys came in strong with the favorites of bison and lamb, but then came a little throw-down from Diane of BalancedBites. A challenge to make something great? Challenge accepted! #duh And, BOOM below… The meatball portion of this plate is reminiscent of the center of those dumplings you’d ordered when dining out in…

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  • RECIPE: Middle Eastern Shepherd’s Pie

    So you say you want my recipes? You want cook what I make my clients in your own home? Here’s the sitch, I am a Personal Paleo Chef. Dare I even say, the OG (Personal) Paleo Chef. That means two things, I am not a food blogger and I am not a food blogger. *raisesbrow*  In all seriousness, what that really means is that I don’t use recipes (read as:…

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  • RECIPE: Egyptian Preserved Lemons

    A confession about this recipe, I hated pickled lemons as a kid. They looked weird and smelled even stranger to me. You want me to eat the whole lemon?? Rind included? That’s just weird. This coming from a kid who loved liver, btw. Notice, I didn’t mention much about their taste.  That’s because I was such an ass about it that I refused to even try them. In hindsight, was…

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