• Bison Bolognese

    The bubbling of this sauce over at snapchat (thepaleochef) is ? OMG. Caramelized onions and garlic in SO MUCH ghee before adding chopped fennel, dandelion greens, tarragon and spices. Followed by browning the grass fed bison into the base with a potato masher to really break up the ground, adding olive oil. Ending with tomato paste, a cup of water, paprika, cayenne and red pepper flakes. Bring to HOT BOIL,…

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  • RECIPE: Grain-Free Baklava (Paleo)

      I know, right?! I’ve been missing Baklava SO much. I first made this about 3 years ago for myself and really wonder why I never shared this with you. Forgive me? *wink* Here’s the deal, this is for a modest serving of baklava. Roughly 20-22 pieces depending on how large you cut your diamonds. I say that’s a modest amount because baklava is typically made in LARGE trays, I’m…

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  • Tahini Ginger Chews

    As seen on Instagram: ? and “tahini” ginger chews. Remember these from my feed way back when? ? I used to make these by the jar full, sometimes strictly for sweet tooth needs and sometimes with Alpha Brain and MCT oil for special clients. ?#nonamedropping Today, just sweet pleasure whilst I watch the game. Made 3 ways: Plain, Walnut, and Pistachio. SUPER easy to make, and this was the phase…

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  • Butternut Tomato Soup

    The “after” turned out quite nice. Roasted Butternut Squash & Tomato Soup, Pan Seared Salted Haddock. Garnished with green onions, parsley and an orange-cream sauce made with @primalkitchenfoods mayo. A little black pepper and orange zest to end it before the first bite. I already took that bite. And a second and third. ??? #eatplaycrush

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  • Cardamom Biscuit Cookies

    Impatiently waiting for these Cardamom Buttery Biscuit Cookies to cool. ? This was the earlier mentioned cookie experiment; chopped pistachios, walnuts, raisins, & coconut sugar are used 3 different ways in a cashew/coconut flour butter based cookie. In the making of the base, I had an egg in my hand to crack into the dough and got distracted in my apartment, walking away and randomly putting the egg down. …I…

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  • RECIPE: Grain-Free Spanikopita

    I weep as I post this general guide to Grain-Free Spanakopita. Every 6-8 months I try cheese to see if my body has decided to rid itself of the intolerance. ONE DAY, I will mind over matter my gut to go face deep in a tub of fresh and creamy feta cheese. I still make traditional spanakopita with phyllo for those that tolerate it because (thanks to my Mom) I…

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  • Chicken Liver Skewers

    Inspired by @cefaz’s visit to Gaku in San Jose. What up, 408! I don’t have a grill right now so I went the oven-broil route. Sticky Sauce: Simmered Japanese wine, coconut aminos, coconut sugar, fish sauce, garlic and pepper flakes. Chicken Liver Skewers: Longways, lightly salted. On a sheet-tray, and over foil, broiled for 15 -20 minutes after being brushed. Then re-brushed a few more times during the cook time.…

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  • RECIPE: Persimmon Merengue Caramel Vanilla PieCaken (Paleo, WHAT?!)

    Ready!? #PieCaken, A General Guide. Since my new site isn’t ready, you’re getting a general guide posted to my current website. A full “formal” recipe will be posted there so send good vibes that ish gets done soon. Since I wanted to make this 10 seconds after that @buzzfeed post, I pulled pieces from tried and true foundations to build my Persimmon Merengue Caramel Vanilla PieCaken. They are tagged because,…

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  • Tahini Tuna Nori Wrap

    Nummy Tahini Tuna Wrap ?? Ingredients: tuna, tahini, onions, lemon, coconut aminos, sriracha, salt, pepper, garlic, pecans & cilantro in a double nori wrap. A perfect snack while I get sucked into this Jessica Jones business. ?? I love love love @therealkrystenritter for this role. #eatplaycrush

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  • Bartlett Bacon Salmon

    Salmon or Sal-mmm-mmm-on. ? Pan Seared with Bacon, Bartlett Pears, Coconut Aminos, Ghee. ?? #eatplaycrush

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