• Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

    Winner Winner Bacon Wrapped & Stuffed Chicken Dinner, A General Guide. Fair warning, this one is addicting and SO easy to make. You can creative with the combinations of fruit and cheese on the inside. With the new site update, I’ll post a few different variations in the more “official” recipe but I know you guys are super eh-smart and creative, so I bet you’ll have fun playing with this…

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  • Chili in a Jar

    Yo. Yo. While my site is going through the update and while Thrive decides when they are going to post the video, I typed your faces a quick n’ dirty of “Chili in a Jar, A General Guide”. Be excited, you see all my food photos that I prepare for my celebrity clients? They’re all getting “A General Guide” aka recipes for the new website. Maybe even some videos. Why…

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  • RECIPE: Grain-Free Bacon Granola

    Three whole years later, I’m sharing my Bacon Granola recipe. Don’t ever say patience doesn’t pay off…eventually. You can thank Nicole (@paleokithens on Instagram) for standing over me in San Francisco way back when, making me measure this out.   What you need: 12 oz of bacon 8 oz sliced almonds 8 oz cashew pieces 8 oz walnut pieces 1/4 cup maple syrup, plus extra for *brushing 1 tablespoon cinnamon,…

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  • Persimmon Pie

    Ze Persimmon Pie Instructions, A General Guide: Used @thespunkycoconut’s pie mix for one 9-inch pie for the crust, adding vanilla + nutmeg + date sugar to the recipe. For the filling, roughly 5 persimmons (cubed), 1 cup macadamia nuts and 1 date, slow simmered with a tablespoon of ghee and and half a cup of almond milk until everything was soaked and soft. Blended that all up in a #vitamix,…

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  • Cauliflower Rice Pudding

    So comforting, this bowl. ? Hot Cauliflower Rice Pudding, Persimmons, Walnuts. So easy to make: In a saucepan, heat up diced persimmons in 2 cups nut milk of choice, I chose vanilla almond milk. Once the persimmons are soft, add cinnamon and clove, couple of pinches. Then add 1/4 cup LESS diced/riced cauliflower than nut milk you added. Add a dollop of ghee or butter. Let it simmer until it’s…

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  • Everyone loves it Veggie Mash

    This is a wicked combination and you can make it bulk for the week. Low Carb: Mashed Cauliflower • More Carb: Mashed Yams & Parsnip Blend • Either way, add egg yolks & ghee when you’re mashing, then add bacon. Hmmmm, maybe add some kale too. When it’s feeding time, just add your protein of choice. ?? In the middle of meal planning for a lucky friend that’s going to…

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  • RECIPE: Wild Thing Bone Broth Recipe

    “Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.” Ludwig Van Beethoven This broth will make your heart sing. This broth will make everything groovy. Wild thing, this broth loves you. There are MANY bone broth recipes out there that don’t include some of the “wild things” I am sharing in this recipe below and you are more than welcome to take a look and think “Ah, heck no!”…

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  • RECIPE: Phat Fudge, Finally!

    You asked for it, I turned it into a product: CLICK HERE BUY (UPGRADED) PHAT FUDGE SQUEEZE PACKS HERE.  So I write this ebook for you guys and here I am being VERY technologically challenged. I couldn’t feel any sillier as I wait for help to come – I tried to do a hack job last night and kept coming up short (code). Get it? #notactuallyfunny A lot of you signed…

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  • Hey, Ya! Mulukhiyah (Soup)

    Ever have one of THOSE days? *sighs* Yeah, me too. I might be having one of them as I type this and by might, I mean I am. Sometimes, instead of powering through it all, when life seems to be happening in stereo but with all the wrong songs, I turn to the comfort of my youth. One of those comforts being this classic Egyptian dish, dating back to my…

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  • Ma, The Glutens Got Me! My 3-Day “Glutening” Disaster Plan

    Here’s the deal, unless you prepare 100% of your meals, a gluten or two may end up in your digestive tract. If you are a celiac like me, this is disaster pants x10. I’m talking: – Migraine Headaches – Swollen Hands & Feet – Gluten Baby Bump – Rash and Skin Inflammation – Painful Joints – Fatigue, and that heaviness in your brain – Oh, and actual disaster pants This…

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