• Non Dairy Cauliflower

    Cauliflower Casserole

    You’re way too beautifuuuuuuuuuul, girl. 😍 _ Another tweak-session to my Non-Dairy Cauliflower Casserole. Today’s version includes a creamy sauce made of soaked cashews, roasted red and yellow bell peppers, garlic, nutritional yeast, and cassava flour. s&p too, duh. _ Cauliflower roasted separately first, and tossed with sautéed shiitake mushrooms in duck fat and coconut aminos before being drowned in the sauce and re-baked for 15 minutes to set. _…

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  • Steak and Eggs with Okra


    Pan Fried Steak, Okra (w/ onions) and Crispy Edged Eggs. Okra is very underrated. #eatplaycrush

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  • Cassava Smores

    Cassava Smores

    Still testing the Grain/Dairy Free S’More for the next LA Pop Up. 🤔 _ As much as I want to go the deconstructed route for plating, this is just one I’m better off keeping it classic. I hear you, S’More. I won’t mess with a good thing. 🙈 _ Dipped @missionheirloom’s Cassava Crunch in Ghee. Dusted with Cinnamon & Coconut Sugar. Dolloped Chocolate Mousse from @cocobakesla. Laid a crack of…

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  • Lamb Lasagna

    Lamb Lasagna

    I feel like if I told you that I whipped this up on the fly in 30 minutes that it would be unnecessary roughness. BUT, the facts are I did. And it’s delicious. _ There are so many ingredients I would have loved to add to this “Lamb Lasagna” if I had them in my sorry looking fridge right now so we’re calling this another foraged meal. _ Browned Lamb…

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  • Turmeric Steak

    Turmeric Ghee Steak with Quinoa

    All my body wants after a day of tweaking and tasting s’mores: Bone Broth Prepped Quinoa, good. Mixed Herbs and Greens, good. Spicy Turmeric Ghee Brushed Steak, gooooooooood. _ Quinoa is not strict paleo for the newbs. If you’re just starting, avoid it until you find your baseline. Then introduce it later and measure your response. It’a paleYOU on this feed. 👊🏽 #eatplaycrush

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  • Cold/Hot Phat Chocolate

    Oh, really. @phatfudge recipe ideas being posted over on the feed. A little something something for more than just performance packet use. That @phatfudge, so hot right now. 🔥 _ #repost @phatfudge ・・・ This happened. 😜 _ And what if I told you that ‘this’ was made using only wholesome, paleo, keto-friendly, and natural ingredients? 😳 _ Say hello to how #phatfudge does a Cold Hot Chocolate, recipe below 👇🏼…

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  • Shrimp Scallop Lime Medley

    Shrimp & Scallop Medley. A variation on the tostadas I made earlier in the week sans tostada, obvs. 👌 _ Sautéed Dandelion Greens, Jalapeño, Green Onions, Onions, Cilantro, Avocado, Lime-Cesar Sauce. I looooove seafood. 😍 #eatplaycrush

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  • Shrimp and Scallop Tostadas

    Taking good care of my ladies today. Always a pleasure hanging with @annafryxell, @susanyara, and @sharzadkiadeh. _ Shrimp & Scallop Tostadas w/ Sautéed Dandelion Greens, Jalapeño, Green Onions, Onions, Cilantro, Avocado, Lime-Cesar Sauce. 👌 _ Tostada made with @sietefoods. Cesar from @primalkitchenfoods (added lime), shrimp seasoned with @dianesanfilippo’s #BBSpices, Smokey Blend. Go nuts! #eatplaycrush

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  • Tea Steamed Cauliflower

    I’m currently obsessed with steaming my veggies with different teas. Gave this dish another go. I didn’t sear the scallops properly which drives me insane so the solution is to eat it fast so I don’t have to look at it. 🙈 _ Full description: seared scallops (in bacon fat & ghee). honeydew. jalapeño. lime. prosciutto. _ cauliflower puree, steamed with anise and fenugreek tea instead of just water. Pureed…

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  • Not Cream Cheese Spread

    🎶 Yesterday it was Electric Light Orchestra, this morning it’s Reggae (Slightly Stoopid as I type). And THIS beauty. _ Layers: dairy-free garlic/cashew/broccoli spread, made with nutritional yeast. like cream cheese, but let’s be real, not even close to cream cheese, still delicious tho. baked bacon. ghee-fried egg. green onions. cilantro. homemade chipotle-lime sauce. all between a ghee toasted grain-free @barelybread onion-garlic-sea salt bagel. _ I already hear yum-grunts so…

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