• Babbaganoush

    You’re a Babbaganoush. ? Char your eggplant. Char your garlic. Use high quality tahini. Don’t be timid with the lemon. Use your full Middle Eastern spice spectrum. Oh, and go the extra quarter mile with charred onions and warm raisins as topping. ? Cassava Yucan Crunch from @missionheirloom. #eatplaycrush

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  • Not Your Bro Shake

    Where does this cacao drink end and my luxurious skin begin? ? Contents: almond milk. almond butter. coconut butter. cacao. vanilla. bcaa. collagen. @cavemancoffeeco mct oil. blended with ice. The special part is the coconut butter bit because the cold of the ice makes the coconut butter hard like lil gem-bites of subtle sweetness. Hat tip to @_morganbuehler_ for that addition to my smoothies. Again, like those bro-shakes but with…

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  • Peaches and Cream with a Twist

    I had half a can of coconut cream that I needed to use soooo why not ice cream? Blended in my Vitamix: coconut cream, peaches, ground vanilla bean, turmeric, cinnamon, and @foursigmatic Mushroom Lemonade Mix. Poured that into a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker with an adjacent stream of tahini and more chunks of peaches. Turned up some Oddisee real loud and let that baby churn into this fast melting not-too-sweet…

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  • Bun-less Dogs

    National Wrap Your Hot Dog in Bacon and stuff it in a Roasted Eggplant Day. ? Or in a baked yam or roasted zucchini. ? Basically, National Hot Dog (Keep Your Bun) Day. Seriously, who makes these days and how can I submit a request for National @phatfudge Day? ? You like my eggplant, yam, and zucchini idea for bun replacements? What other no-bun ideas do you use if you’re…

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  • Orange-Pistachio Salmon

    Orange-Pistachio Crusted Wild Salmon, Probiotic Coconut Yogurt, Dill. Pan seared in coconut oil & ghee. I prepared this for a client recently and made a mental (gut) note to re-make it for myself sometime. Most of the time, I create on the spot/that day for a client based on what’s in their kitchen or what I’m feeling inspired to create. It’s awesome that my clients let me do my thing…

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  • Coffee Brittle Parfait

    ? dark chocolate espresso cake, coffee ice cream, more cake, more ice cream, and a crushed @paleotreats mustang bar which tastes like a salted caramel and mixed nuts brittle. Prepped this for @madfit_inc’s birthday. ? Totally appropriate for your personal trainer, right? ? No Grain. No Dairy. No Soy. Hakuna Your Tatas & Happy Birthday…especially if we’re friends. ? #eatplaycrush

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  • Sweet and Salty Stuffed Dates

    Potluck Bday Party Ready! These babies are still warm out of the oven. ? Pistachio & Orange Paste Stuffed Dates, Brushed in Cinnamon Honey Love. Wrapped half of them in prosciutto. ? #eatplaycrush

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  • Easy Salmon Cakes with Ginger Sauce

    Salmon Cakes, Spicy Ginger Sauce ? A General Guide: baked salmon, steamed fingerling potatoes, mashed into a bowl with @primalkitchenfoods mayo, an egg, and seasoning. Formed into mini “cakes” and pan friend in ghee until crispy on the outside then served with a freshly grated ginger cream sauce also made with @primalkitchenfoods mayo and other seasoning, prepared a little ahead of time to allow the flavor to bloom. I like…

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  • Weirdo Cauliflower

    Cauliflower is one of my comfort foods. #eatlikeaweirdo ? Pan roasted with Ghee, Balsamic, Tarragon, Chives, Garlic, Raisins, and S&P. ? Paired with, wait for it, Tuna. ? It’s all I got right now. ?Mixed with tahini, lemon, salt, pepper, dill. Playing with website code ? and catching up on my favorite show. It’s a big week, coming up. ?? #eatplaycrush

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  • Browned Lamb Shanks

    Main Event, Lamb: Browned Shanks (salt, cinnamon). Browned Onions, Garlic, Celery, Carrots. Every herb Whole Foods had, chopped and opened up in the browning of the onion/garlic/celery/carrot stage. Then, pressure cooked for 45 min and moved to a pot on the stove to simmer with more herbs, chopped dates, orange juice, orange zest, and other seasoning tweaking that I forget at the moment. ? The heaviness of the lamb was…

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