• Mixed Makeup: Morning Maca Muffins

    Ready for a @mixedmakeup video of me wearing a muscle tee (sans muscles), showing you how to make these Morning Maca Sausage Muffins? Well, me neither – but here it is!

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  • Mixed Makeup: Meatza

      The Meatza that made it happen. 🍕 _ This shot (and my feed) shouted out in a Glamour article, I found myself a new friend tracking down the writer to say Thank You. cc: @susanyara 💜 _ Annnd then that new friendship turned into getting to play and shoot #UnicornFuel with @mixedmakeup on YouTube. 🏆 _ The power of play. The power of pizza. RESPECT. 😉 _ Want to…

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  • Mixed Makeup: Coconut Butter Salmon

    Tomorrow, I repeat myself like a dweeb while showing you how to make my Coconut Butter Salmon ONCE but enjoy it TWO different ways on the next episode of #UnicornFuel with @mixedmakeup. 🎥 _ I repeat myself so much you could probably turn it into a drinking game. 🤔 _ Check out the video below and remember to subscribe here if you actually like listening to me (or eating delicious…

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  • Mixed Makeup: Bacon Granola

    Yoooo! Have you tried my infamous Grain-Free Bacon Granola yet (recipe here)? Tastes like cinnamon toast crunch. And it has BACON, as if I needed to say anything more than the title. I shot a video with @mixedupmakeup for my YouTube channel but you don’t have to wait for the recipe longer than just clicking the link in my profile. Pack it in baggies for on the go snacking. Throw…

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  • Mixed Makeup: Eggplant Stacker

    And we wrap today’s shooting on this Grain Free AND Vegan Eggplant Stack. #crossdietunity The layers include seasoned/baked eggplant slices, garlic cashew cream, tomato/caper walnut sauce, and sautéed spinach. It’s meatless and delicious and on my show with @mixedmakeup on YouTube, hoorah! We’ve been shooting segments on segments on segments for the last few months, stacking that content and pre-loading the entertainment. ?? I know, I can’t wait for you to…

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  • Mixed Makeup: Sunrise Smoothie

    Let me teach you a little something about attention to detail using myself as the example of what happens when you don’t practice it. When making yourself a mango smoothie, be sure you’re throwing in frozen mango cubes NOT FROZEN BUTTERNUT SQUASH CUBES. ? Saving that mistake for later because I could totally turn it into a soup when it’s not 91 degrees outside. ☀️ Look below to see what I intended…

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  • Mixed Makeup: Next Level Eggs

    Next Level Hard Boiled Eggs ? The easiest recipe ever AND a video posted on @mixedmakeup How about switching up your morning routine with these wonderfully crispy bites of joy? Check out the video for details. As always, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel with Mixed Makeup here so that we can continue to bring you high quality (delicious) videos like this 🙂 #eatplaycrush

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    How about setting down these at the table? My infamous Primal bacon-wrapped, brie-stuffed chicken thighs! They’re surprisingly easy to make, and a definite crowd pleaser. Check out the video below and prepare to salivate 😉 xo Mary #eatplaycrush

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