• RECIPE: Persimmon Merengue Caramel Vanilla PieCaken (Paleo, WHAT?!)

    Ready!? #PieCaken, A General Guide. Since my new site isn’t ready, you’re getting a general guide posted to my current website. A full “formal” recipe will be posted there so send good vibes that ish gets done soon. Since I wanted to make this 10 seconds after that @buzzfeed post, I pulled pieces from tried and true foundations to build my Persimmon Merengue Caramel Vanilla PieCaken. They are tagged because,…

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  • RECIPE: Just Another Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    How many pumpkin pie recipes does this world need? Roughly 400 of you asked for my version last week, so here it is, sort of. There are a couple of ‘secret’ ingredients I left out because a magician cannot reveal all his or her tricks.  Maybe next year. Or maybe just next month as a Christmas present. Or maybe NEVER – I wonder when my Grandmother started hoarding her best…

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