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Private Chef Services

Reserved for the VIP is a fully immersive Eat Play Crush experience. A unique package which includes my exclusive private paleo chef services and any additional guidance as needed into the world of paleo, primal, keto, or my personal favorite paleYOU (what works best for YOU).

My clients include HBO Celebrities, Primetime Actors, NYT Best Selling Authors, Professional Athletes and C-Level Executives of major corporations, Founders, Food Entrepreneurs, and Celebrity Coaches. (NDAs absolutely welcome)

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to set up a consultation call by sending me an email me through my contact form by clicking here. 

Pricing determined by daily rate.

*If you’re looking for weekly meal services/delivery, check out the companies I recommend here.

Recipe Development | Menu Consultation

If you’re a restaurant, you know more and more patrons are coming in with food allergies, like myself, who has Celiac and is also intolerant to dairy and soy. You want to still be able to service us, right? Of course! So, what do you do?

We all make decisions every day that affect our well being, and those decisions shouldn’t limit our ability to enjoy dining out.

You know food and you know it well but do you know off the cuff how to paleo-fy your signature pasta dish or how to serve today’s special in a manner that can cater to the new demand?

Using your existing menu, I can education and develop menu items that are “The Paleo Chef” approved to offer your guests.

If you’re a food brand with an existing line or looking to expand your line, I can also develop new or refine your food products to ensure that it’s not just paleo, but also tastes AMAZING.

Along with my flavor skills, I happily will endorse your products and establishment as being paleo friendly on my social channels.

I’ve developed full restaurant menus, condiments, baked goods, sauces, bars and more.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to set up a consultation call by sending me an email me through my contact form by clicking here. 

Pricing determined by daily rate.

Video Work | Appearances | Sponsorship Inquires

For media inquires related to video work, product reviews, sponsorships, etc please email me through my contact form by clicking here. 

More stuff about me – Written by someone else

Before The Paleo Chef and Beyond the Plate…

Prior to her professional position so early in life, Mary Shenouda proved herself to be a compassionate advisor and supporter during volunteer counseling with hospice & bereavement, at-risk youth, and women who’ve endured domestic violence encounters. This experience is part of what has formed the basis of her highly responsive interpersonal communication approach.

While most are still in college, Mary was a top performing sales executive alongside peers 15 years her senior performing above of her objectives effortlessly. Within two years, she made a pivot and became a public relations agent for a top Hollywood photographer, where she worked closely with A-list celebrities, and managed high-profile events.

It was during this time her visionary and early use of social media contributed to a 700% increase in revenue for her client. Over the last decade, Mary has developed and executed successful strategic sales and marketing plans, and consistently closed business with Fortune 500 companies. Always crushing goals that were thought to be unattainable, Mary is consistently able to identify, win, retain and expand business and individuals. Because of her impressive record and precise execution, her “Sniper”-like talents have her regularly hand-picked by executive board members and CEOs to coach teams and one on one at every level within organizations.

It’s no surprise that she has chosen to forge out on her own and become an all encompassing advocate and “secret weapon” for her clients.